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Blood Sample Collection Kit Procedures

Please carefully read and follow the directions provided or else the sample could be rejected and require a recollection. Blood samples may be rejected for a number of reasons, including:

NOTE: It is preferable that the offender sign the fingerprint card; however, this is not required.  If the offender refused to sign the card, send the sample anyway.

IMPORTANT: Blood collection must be performed only by a physician, nurse, or licensed clinical lab technologist.

To complete a blood sample collection kit, perform the following procedures on ONE subject at a time

  1. Fill out the DNA blood database card (LAB-13) with the subject’s identifying information on lines 1 through 5.
  2. Remove components from the kit box and lay them out.
  3. Cleanse the blood collection site with the prep pad provided. Following normal medical procedures and using the needle and blood tube provided, withdraw the blood specimen from the subject, allowing the tube to fill to maximum volume. If necessary, a smaller gage needle may be substituted.
  4. Print the subject’s full name, DOB and/or SID number on the blood tube label.
  5. Immediately after blood collection, assure proper mixing of anticoagulant by slowly and completely inverting the blood tube at least five times. DO NOT SHAKE VIGOROUSLY.
  6. DO NOT return the used needle, holder, or used prep pad to the kit box. Discard using recommended OSHA procedures. DO NOT remove the liquid absorbing sheet from the Ziploc bag.
  7. Fill out the information requested on lines 8 (if known), 9, and 10 of the LAB-13. Either type or print clearly and neatly all remaining information requested on the LAB-13. Have the subject sign on line 6. Then, using normal fingerprint procedures, fingerprint the subject’s left and right thumb where indicated on the card (section 7).
  8. Check the identifying information on the blood tube label and compare it with the information on the LAB-13 to verify that the information matches and is correct.
  9. Insert the filled blood collection tube into the bubble pack blood tube protector, then seal the blood tube protector using the self-stick adhesive strip.
  10. Insert the bubble pack bag (containing the blood collection tube) into the Ziplock bag, then squeeze out excess air and close the bag.
  11. Place the blood specimen and completed LAB-13 in the kit box and close the kit box lid.
  12. Date and sign the kit box shipping seal, then remove the back and affix the seal to the kit box where indicated.
  13. Mail or hand-deliver the sealed kit to the laboratory for analysis as soon as possible.

Request Forms for Ordering DNA Sample Collection Kits and Training Materials