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Buccal Swab Sample Collection Kit Procedures

Please carefully read and follow the directions provided in the sampe envelope or else the sample could be rejected and require a recollection.  Recollections of mouth swab samples can be frequent if the procedures are not done correctly.  Mouth swab samples could be rejected for a number of reasons, including:

NOTE: It is preferable that the offender sign the fingerprint card; however, it is not required.  If the offender refuses to sign the card, send the sample anyway.

IMPORTANT: The subject should have no food or drink for 20 minutes prior to having the sample taken.

To complete a buccal swab collection kit, perform the following procedure on ONE subject at a time:

  1. Check the kit contents to be sure the kit is complete. Contents should include:
    • 1 DNA database information card.
    • 1 ink strip for thumb printing.
    • 1 pair of disposable gloves.
    • 2 wrapped mouth swabs.
    • 1 swab storage envelope.
    • 1 postage-paid shipping envelope.
    • 1 kit shipping seal.
  2. Fill out the DNA database information card and swab storage envelope. The subject’s name, SID number (if available), and date of birth must be included.
  3. Fill out the collector’s name, agency, and phone number.  This information will provide the lab with a contact if the sample must be recollected. Ensure that all other requested information is complete.
  4. Using the ink strip provided, fingerprint the subject’s entire thumbprints (from nail to nail and from tip to joint). The thumbprints are required to verify identity. If the thumbprints are smudged or partial, cross out the improper print and repeat on the back of the card, or fill out a new database information card (extra cards are available upon request). No sample will be accepted without verifiable thumbprints.
  5. The person taking the sample shall put on the gloves and wear them throughout the rest of the collection procedure.
  6. Remove one swab from the sterile sleeve. DO NOT touch or eject the swab tip.
  7. Place the swab into the subject’s mouth and vigorously rub it on the inside of one cheek at least six times. Remove the swab from the subject’s mouth and place it on top (not inside) of the sterile sleeve packaging. Allow the swab to air dry for at least five minutes.
  8. Repeat Step 6 on the other side of the mouth with the other swab.

REMEMBER: DO NOT touch the swab tip with your hands or any other object. After collection, the swabs must air-dry for at least five minutes.

Request Forms for Ordering DNA Sample Collection Kits and Training Materials