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DNA Sample Collection

The DPS is required to provide a reasonable number of sample collection kits to criminal justice or law enforcement agencies in this state, which are required by statute to collect offender samples at no cost to those agencies.

The collection kit supplied by DPS shall be used to collect the appropriate sample in accordance with the kit instructions and shall include the required fingerprints.

A sample collection kit will consist of any items necessary for sample collection, including instructions and any other item designated by the Director.

Sample Collection Training
The DPS CODIS Program provides training material and workshops to agencies in Texas regarding the collection of DNA blood samples and DNA buccal swab samples.

Sample Collection Records and Retention
An agency collecting a DNA specimen from an eligible individual shall maintain a record of the collection for a period of three years from the date of collection. In addition, the DPS State CODIS Laboratory shall also maintain a DNA sample and record as required by statute and according to approved CODIS laboratory procedures.

Which DNA Sample Collection Kit to Use?
An individual is eligible for providing DNA blood samples if he or she:

An individual is eligible for providing a DNA buccal swab sample if he or she:

*Note: court ordered samples.

Who Can Collect the Sample?
A criminal justice or law enforcement agency or DNA laboratory shall not collect—and the Director shall not accept—a blood sample or other specimen taken from a living person, whether submitted voluntarily or as required by law, unless: