Texas Fusion Center

The Watch Center is a 24/7 unit that works with federal, state, regional, and local law enforcement and serves as the state repository for homeland security information and incident reporting. It provides real-time intelligence support to law enforcement and public safety authorities, and consolidates information and data on suspicious activities and threats from all jurisdictions and disciplines as well as the public. During emergencies or periods of increased threat, the Center may ramp up to receive and process additional information.

The Intelligence Unit supports law enforcement and criminal justice communities by providing analytical case development, as well as strategic and tactical case support to officers regarding criminal organizations, including transnational gangs, drug trafficking organizations, and emerging threats.

The Criminal Case Support Unit provides support to major crime investigations and special cases.

The Counterterrorism Unit works to reduce the threat of terrorism in Texas through information, analysis, and assessments in support of proactive multi-agency efforts to preevent attacks. The Unit is a central point for all regional information regarding international and domestic terrorism-related issues from a variety of sources. The Unit supports the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its counterterrorism mission where needed in Texas, working with Joint Terrorism Task Forces to aid investigations.