The Texas 1033 Military Surplus Property Program

Background & Information

1033 Program Overview:  The National defense Authorization Act authorizes the Secretary of Defense to transfer excess Department of Defense (DoD) personal property to Federal, state and local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) with special emphasis given to counter drug and counter terrorism.  The 1033 Program (formerly the 1208 Program) allows LEAs to receive DoD excess property.  If you qualify and choose to participate, your organization will become one of over 13,000 local LEAs who have taken advantage of this unique program.

1033 Application & Registration
Two criterion must be met in order to be eligible for participate in the program.  The first criterion is being a governmental agency whose primary function is the enforcement of applicable federal, state, and local laws. The second is you must have at least one full time compensated officer who is TCLEOSE certified and has the authority to arrest and apprehend.  To apply for participation in the program, a completed 16 page Application Packet must be signed and submitted (to for approval.  Once approved, screeners must then set up accounts in the AMPS, RTD Business Portal and FAMWEB websites.  In order to remain active in the program, an updated Application Packet along with a physical inventory of all property received, must be submitted annually by December 31 (as well as every time an agency's contact info or POC’s change).

Screening (Requesting Property)
Screening worldwide for excess property is extremely simple and is done online through the Reutilization, Transfer, Donation (RTD) Business Portal website.  You can search for specific items or for a broad range of materials.  You can even create a want list, so the system can search for you. 

Property Accountability and Files Management
All records must be maintained in accordance with the DLA Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The Chief Executive Official or the Head of Agency of the LEA is responsible for all 1033 Program controlled property.

Texas 1033 Training Information
We offer quarterly training sessions where you can learn valuable information regarding policies and procedures and get hands-on practice with requesting property and maintaining your inventory. It is strongly recommended (although not required) that you be approved for participation (submit the Application Packet) and be registered in both websites prior to attending the class. Bring your laptops and your questions. Use the quick link below to view the next scheduled training session.

Special Equipment
Some equipment is scarce, unavailable on line, or is in such high demand that additional steps are taken to ensure equitable distribution is given throughout the nation.   If your agency is interested in acquiring Aircraft, Weapons, or Tactical Vehicles, please use the special equipment links below and contact the 1033 office as some requests require additional documentation not listed here.

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