Texas 1033 Training Information

Quarterly training sessions are conducted at the DPS headquarters located in Austin and generally last about six hours. Due to the Executive Order signed by President Obama, it is now mandatory for all new participants to attend this class prior to any requests for property being approved. Attendees MUST stay for the entire class (including the afternoon session) in order to meet the mandatory requirement for participation in the 1033 program. The following information will be covered in each training session.

  1. Requisition process
  2. Property available to 1033 participants
  3. File management & property accountability
  4. Weapons policies & procedures
  5. Tactical Vehicle policies & procedures
  6. Aircraft policies & procedures
  7. Executive Order breakdown & explanation
  8. Live website training to include:
    1. Requesting property
    2. Inventory management

If you wish to register for one of our training sessions, refer to the schedule at the below link and simply email us at the address provided on that page.  A confirmation email will be sent to you along with class agenda, map of our facility and available hotel accommodations.