Texas 1033 Training Information

Quarterly training sessions are conducted at the DPS headquarters located in Austin and generally last about six hours.  The following information will be covered in each training session.

  1. Introduction & history of the 1033 Program.
  2. How to enroll
  3. How to requisition property
  4. Property available to 1033 customers
  5. LESO Automation Research tool
  6. DEMIL required property
  7. Property accounting and file management
  8. Weapons policies and procedures
  9. Aircraft
  10. Tactical vehicles
  11. Hands-on website training

If you wish to register for one of our training sessions, refer to the schedule at the below link and simply email us at the address provided on that page.  A confirmation email will be sent to you along with class agenda, map of our facility and available hotel accommodations.