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Controlled Substance Registration

To register as a Practitioner, Mid-Level Practitioner, Hospital, Pharmacy or EMS to prescribe, possess or dispense controlled substances in Texas, the following license or registration numbers must be obtained in this order:

  1. Board License
  2. CSR Number
  3. DEA Registration

The Controlled Substances Registration (CSR) Number is your state authority, where the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is your federal authority, for controlled substances. Only a person who actually prescribes, possesses or dispenses controlled substances in Texas, is required to register for a CSR Number.

To register as a Manufacturer, Researcher, Teaching Institution, Distributor or Analyst/Analytical Lab, you must first obtain a DEA Registration.

Under some circumstances, a pharmacy may obtain a waiver from electronic reporting of controlled substance prescription information. When a waiver is granted, the pharmacy is not exempt from complying with the law, but is required to report by an alternate method, approved by DPS.
Waivers must be requested from the Texas Prescription Program annually. The following circumstances have been identified as qualifications for waivers:

If pharmacists identify other issues, they may request a waiver by fully explaining the circumstances.