Manager Exam

Instructions for Replacement Manager Application or Supervisor Application (PDF)

Exams are scheduled for managers and supervisors after applications and fees have been received, and it is determined the applicants meet the experience requirements for that particular position. Applicants shall verify they meet the experience requirements by submitting form PSB-04A (PDF). The Private Security Manager’s Exam is administered on a monthly basis in six (6) locations throughout Texas.  Exam locations include Irving, Houston, McAllen, El Paso, Lubbock and Austin.

Qualified examinees will be scheduled to test at the location nearest their home address. Applicants will receive an invite letter at the company’s mailing address. If the applicant is unable to attend the scheduled exam, please contact us at to reschedule.

The Manager’s Exam is designed to ensure each manager and supervisor has a working knowledge of rules and regulations governing the private security industry in Texas:

The open-book exam covers the statute and rules, regardless of the category of company for which the manager / owner is applying. The exam is a timed, two-hour test, consisting of true / false and multiple choice questions. A score of 70 percent or greater is required to pass the exam.

Exam results are sent to the company’s mailing address. If the score is below passing, a re-exam date will be included in the notice. A re-exam requires a $100 fee, and applicants are allowed to re-test as often as the exam schedule allows within their 90-day application window.

Scheduled applicants must bring to the exam: