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Private Security

Notice to all Private Security applicants and registrants:

Effective April 2, 2016 use Service Code 11G65Y when scheduling your fingerprint appointment. Visit Fingerprinting Services.

Senate Bill 807 (84th Legislative Session) amends the Occupations Code to waive certain license application and examination fees for a military service member or military veteran applicant whose military service, training or education substantially meets all requirements for the license. Private Security application and examination fees may be waived for military service members and military veterans. Additionally, application and examination fees may also be waived for a military spouse who holds a current license issued by another jurisdiction that has licensing requirements that are substantially equivalent to the requirements for registration in this state; or a military spouse who, within the five years preceding the application date, held the license in this state. See Private Security FAQs for qualifications.

All original Private Security applicants are required to submit fingerprints to DPS through the Fingerprinting Services as part of the complete application. Private Security applicants must submit fingerprints electronically, unless the applicant qualifies for Alternative fingerprint process. Please see Instructions for scheduling a fingerprint appointment. If an electronic fingerprinting appointment cannot be scheduled within three business days, DPS can be contacted at Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST).

As amended by HB 4030, Texas Occupations Code §1702.230 provides upon verification an applicant has submitted a substantially complete application, DPS will make available to the public information on whether the applicant may perform regulated services.

If the applicant has submitted a substantially complete application in accordance with Texas Administrative Code §35.21, and DPS has failed to publish the results or otherwise make a determination of eligibility within 48 hours of the submission of electronic fingerprints, the employer may employ the applicant in a regulated capacity after confirming the applicant is not ineligible, based on review of the DPS Criminal History and Sex Offender databases.  The employer must maintain a record of this background check.

This provision does not apply to those who have applied as commissioned security and personal protection officers.

The Private Security Program regulates the private security and private investigation industry in Texas under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702 and the Private Security Board’s Administrative Rules.

Public access to certain records of disciplinary action is available, toll-free, at (800) 224-5744.

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