Metal Recycling Entity Report of Purchase

Reporting Guidelines

Information Provided by Seller

Seller’s responsibility:
A person attempting to sell regulated metal to a metal recycling entity is required to display personal identification, provide a description and license plate number of the vehicle used to transport the regulated material, and either:

Information Provided by Metal Recycling Entity (MRE)

Metal Recycling Entity’s (MRE’s) responsibility:
The recycling entity is required to visually verify and photocopy the seller's identification for record keeping purposes. Additionally, the entity is allowed to take a picture of the seller and the vehicle used to transport the material, a photo of which could be accepted in lieu of the description and license plate number, if the license plate number is clearly identifiable in the photo. The entity would not be required to make a copy of the identification if the seller:

MRE Required Signage:
A metal recycling entity is required to provide a notice in two inch lettering, warning a person who wishes to sell regulated metal that written proof of ownership is required by state law.

MRE Purchase Reports:
The Texas Department of Public Safety maintains an electronic database that contains transactional Metals purchase data.  All MREs must submit transactions to TxDPS showing an itemized list of each metals purchase within 7 days of the purchase date.  Pursuant to Chapter 1956, Texas Occupations Code, metal recycling entities can submit this data to the Department electronically, by mail, or by fax.  The purchase transaction data is kept in the TxDPS Metal Registration database so that law enforcement agencies have access to current and historical transaction information. The Department works closely with law enforcement agencies throughout the State assisting them with gaining access to and navigating the reports.

Reporting Options:

Use an online report form:
The online Metals application offers Returning Users an online reporting form for MREs to electronically enter Metal Recycling Purchase transactions and submit them directly to TxDPS.

Metals Registration Program


Upload an XML purchase report:
The Metal Recycling Program offers an upload utility by which data can be exported from an external system and uploaded to the Metals website.

If you wish to create an automated process to upload transactions, you may use the Metals Recycling Web Service


Fax or mail a writable form:
The TxDPS Metals website contains a link to a writable MRB-5 form.  A writable form allows the user to key in information directly on the MRB-5 prior to printing it out.  To begin filling out the writable form, click on this hyperlink: Report of Purchase for Metal Recycling Entity form (MRB-5)

The completed MRB-5 form must be faxed or mailed to TxDPS within two (2) days of the purchase(s). The Metals Recycling FAX number and mailing address can be found on the TxDPS Metals website under “Contact Us” or on the bottom of the form.

*note:  The purchase of aluminum cans is not reportable to TxDPS.