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Private Security


The online application process will not be available August 14 through August 28. During the transition period to Texas Online Private Security (TOPS), applications can only be submitted via mail.  Please see fingerprinting instructions for additional information.

The Private Security Program will be transitioning to a new online application process and a new licensing database called Texas Online Private Security System (TOPS). TOPS will be more user-friendly, provide faster application processing, allow communication by email, and include real time licensing and registration information.

The transition will begin August 13, with the new online application becoming available August 29. Additionally, the registration status (records search) will be available, but it will not contain updated information.


How can you prepare?

While the registration status (records search) data is not being updated on the website, how do I know if I can put an applicant to work in an unarmed capacity?

Pursuant to Texas Occupations Code §1702.230: If the employee does not appear in the online search after 48 hours of submission of a substantially complete application in accordance with Texas Administrative Code §35.21, including fees and electronic fingerprints, you may employ the applicant in an unarmed capacity after confirming the applicant is not ineligible based on review of the DPS Criminal History and Sex Offender databases.  The employer must maintain a record of the background check.  Please note that this provision does not apply to those who have applied as commissioned security and personal protection officers.

Active Military Spouses and Veterans/Military Fee Exemption

Senate Bill 807 (84th Legislative Session) amends the Occupations Code to waive certain license application and examination fees for a military service member or military veteran applicant whose military service, training or education substantially meets all requirements for the license. Private Security application and examination fees may be waived for military service members and military veterans. Additionally, application and examination fees may also be waived for a military spouse who holds a current license issued by another jurisdiction that has licensing requirements that are substantially equivalent to the requirements for registration in this state; or a military spouse who, within the five years preceding the application date, held the license in this state. See Private Security FAQs for qualifications.

The Private Security Program regulates the private security and private investigation industry in Texas under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702 and the Private Security Board’s Administrative Rules.

Public access to certain records of disciplinary action is available, toll-free, at (800) 224-5744.

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