CJIS Security Policy 5.3 Training Across Texas

There are no scheduled sessions at this time. Please check back for possible future session dates.

We have concluded our training presentation of the CJIS Security Policy version 5.3. The next training presentation will start up again after the release of the updated CJIS Security Policy.  Those agencies wishing to host a future training session should have a room capable of holding at least 60 people and audio and video equipment. Please send an email to alan.ferretti@dps.texas.gov  if you have a room meeting the requirements and wish to host a future session in your area of the State after the new CJIS Security Policy is released

CJIS Security Policy 5.3 changes
   New section 13 for Mobile Device Management, Smart Phones and Tablets
   Cloud Computing
   Police Vehicles a secure location
   Compensating Controls for AA on Smart Phones and Tablets
   PIN requirements
   AA requirement waived if no direct connection to State/Federal repositories
   Data at rest encryption standards and passphrase requirements

Beyond 5.3 but currently under discussion
   In/Out of band authentication to secondary device
   Virtual escorting

Presentation slides for 5.3 Training Tour (PDF)

What to expect @ a technical audit (PDF)

Criminal Justice Information Services Overview (PDF)