State Agency Justice Information Coordinating Committee

Revised 07/28/04

In order to fulfill state agency responsibilities as completely as possible regarding integration of justice information systems, several state agencies have formed the State Agency Justice Information Coordinating Committee (SAJICC), a committee dedicated to the planning and coordination of integration of justice systems and networking in Texas.

The SAJICC mission is:
To coordinate the development and operation of statewide justice systems maintained or managed by the participating state agencies so that those systems are able to share information in a manner that maximizes the services provided to justice users in Texas.

The participating agencies are:

The committee also includes membership of advisory state agencies to assist in this process.
The advisory agencies are:

SAJICC envisions the improved administration of justice through cooperative and collaborative efforts among justice agencies that will ensure the vital information needed in the execution of their duties is readily available at the time it is needed and in a form that is usable. For questions regarding SAJICC contact Roland G. Silva, Justice Information Interface Coordinator.