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AMBER, Blue, Silver & Endangered Missing Persons Alert Programs

The AMBER, Blue, Silver & Endangered Missing Persons Alert Programs are housed within the Operations Section of the Texas Division of Emergency Management. The State Operations Center (SOC) serves as the state primary control point, collecting and disseminating alert information to local, state, federal, public and private technology partners, known as the State Network.  The goal of the State Network is to mobilize Texas citizens to search for abducted children, missing senior citizens, endangered missing persons and suspects involved with the death or serious injury of law enforcement officers.  Each alert program has a specific set of criteria in order to protect the integrity of the network.  Only law enforcement can request activation of the State Network.

The Operations Section also houses a statewide coordination and training component, supporting program awareness, regional program development, collaboration at the local, state and federal levels, plus internal review processes within the State Network.


Blue Alert

Silver Alert

Endangered Missing Persons Alert

State Coordination & Training Program

Regional Program Information