Exercise Unit

The Texas Division of Emergency Management, Exercise Unit provides support to local jurisdictions, regional and state level agencies, and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) to design, conduct and evaluate emergency exercises at all levels.  The Unit’s State Exercise Program Specialist develops exercise schedules and coordinates exercise programs with other state agencies and local governments. The Unit also monitors local emergency exercise compliance with Emergency Management Program Grant exercise requirements.

NEW for FY15 - Texas will continue to support two Virtual Tabletop Exercise Series (VTTX) programs in FY2015, the established FEMA EMI program and a new, regionally based Texas Virtual Tabletop Series (TX-VTTX) program.

The FEMA EMI VTTX series has steadily evolved over the past two years into a popular and effective national program.  EMI has managed to grow the VTTX each year with more scenarios to more communities more efficiently.  For FY2015 FEMA EMI plans to offer 20 unique all-hazard scenarios to be conducted over 48 separate dates…all within a 12 month period.  The VTTX is conducted monthly and advertised on the EMI Web Page with a training opportunity announcement, distributed via multiple FEMA distribution lists, and other Emergency Management professional forums.

For a more personal Texas touch, TDEM offers another virtual option called the Texas Virtual Tabletop Series (TX-VTTX) program.  TDEM took the best of the EMI VTTX program and combined it with an in-house capability to take the virtual tabletop to the next level.  In FY2014 TDEM offered 6 scenarios to Texas communities…in FY2015 our goal is to offer up to 36 scenarios.  Moving to a web-based VTC system will allow TDEM to reach more Texans to bolster preparedness and resiliency across the state. The FY15 TX-VTTX program is regionally based; meaning regional stakeholders hand-picked scenarios that reflect regional priorities informed by regional threats and risks.  The new VTC system will allow TDEM to connect regional TDEM Staff with the communities they support to better facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned.

For additional information, regarding either program see the VTTX Guidance.

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