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In an effort to better serve its constituents, the Texas Division of Emergency Management routinely utilizes surveys as a means of collecting information on a variety of topics. Some of the Divisionís current and recent surveys are listed below. Please feel free to participate if you find an open survey on a topic of interest to you.

Survey Topic Date
Take This Survey Survey Results
TDEM 2012 Texas Emergency Management Conference Poll Everywhere Summary 04/02/12 04/02/12 -- PDF icon
TDEM FY11 Improvement Planning Workshop 10/19/10 11/10/10 -- PDF icon
TDEM Training and Exercise Unit 10/19/10 11/10/10 -- PDF icon
TxSNETS TDEM 09/24/10 10/19/10 -- PDF icon
Texas Emergency Management Planning 08/30/10 09/03/10 -- PDF icon