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News Release

August 27, 2013

DPS Director McCraw, Japanese Delegates Discuss Interoperability, Communication Networks

AUSTIN – On Monday, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Steven McCraw met in Austin with delegates from Japan’s National Police Agency and National Police Academy to discuss public safety LTE (“4G” cellular technology) networks, broadband communications capabilities and interoperability. The State of Texas, through the DPS, is responsible for securing the spectrum to operate public safety LTE in Texas, including BigNET (Broadband Interoperability Gateway Network in the Harris County area), providing coordination with other state, local and federal agencies and departments.

“Public safety LTE networks and interoperability provide law enforcement and first responder communities the ability to instantly share information across multiple jurisdictions, and such systems are a vital component to the efficient and effective response to disasters of all kinds,” said Director McCraw. “Whether it is a wildfire in Texas or a tsunami off the coast of Japan, state-of-the-art communications systems with real-time data sharing save lives and speed recovery.”

Japan’s National Police Agency operates a nationwide wired and wireless telecommunications system, and is planning a future system upgrade. The agency is currently exploring the feasibility of operating LTE technologies and requested the opportunity to meet with DPS and Harris County officials regarding BigNET – the only public safety LTE system currently operational in the United States.
“Texas is a proven leader in the realm of interoperability and communications networks, so we are grateful to connect with experts in the field here to share ideas and hear about their experiences,” said Akira Takasaugi, Senior Researcher with the National Police Agency in Japan.

“The insight we have gained through this trip will undoubtedly contribute to our future success in developing leading-edge emergency information and communications in Japan,” said Uchimura Keiji, 1st Lab. Chief of the National Police Academy in Japan.

“In Texas, we are constantly seeking out innovations that work to protect our citizens’ lives and property when faced with natural or manmade disasters, and we are proud to meet with our law enforcement brethren of Japan to assist them in that same goal,” said Director McCraw.

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