TxDPS Forms

Form By Number


Driver Responsibility Program Pamphlet DIC-2.pdf
Specimen Routing Report DIC-23A.pdf
Peace Officer DWI Statutory Warning DIC-24.pdf
Peace Officer DWI Statutory Warning - Spanish DIC-24S.pdf
Notice of Suspension Temporary Driving Permit DIC-25.pdf
Notice of Suspension Temporary Driving Permit - Spanish DIC-25S.pdf
Peace Officer Sworn Reports for CDL Operators DIC-54.pdf
Peace Officer Statutory Warning for CDL Operators DIC-55.pdf
Breath Test Technical Supervisor Affidavit DIC-56.pdf
Notice of Disqualification DIC-57.pdf
Notice of Disqualification - Spanish DIC-57S.pdf
Peace Officers Sworn Report (Revised 9/01) DIC-23 (9-01).pdf
Peace Officer Sworn Report (Revised 9/11) DIC-23 (9-11).pdf
Texas Residency Affidavit DL-5.pdf
Driver Handbook DL-7.pdf
Commercial Driver Handbook DL-7C.pdf
Driver Handbook - Spanish DL-7S.pdf
Motorcycle Handbook DL-8.pdf
DL Application DL-14A.pdf
Application for Texas Election Identification Certificate DL-14C.pdf
Application for Texas Election Identification Certificate (Spanish) DL-14CS.pdf
Out Of State - Country Application DL-16.pdf
Out of State Packet DL-16P.pdf
Acceptable ID DL-17.pdf
Notice of Cancellation DL-42.pdf
Texas DL Renewal - Duplicate License DL-43.pdf
General Information Document and Fee Processing DL-48.pdf
Documents Requirements Brochure DL-57.pdf
Documents Requirements Brochure - Spanish DL-57S.pdf
Explanation for Eye Specialist DL-63.pdf
Application for Change of Address Certificate DL-64.pdf
Examination Request DL-76.pdf
Application for Texas Hardship Driver License DL-77.pdf
Request for Parent Taught Driver Education Packet DL-92.pdf
Physician's Statement DL-101.pdf
Withdrawal/Restoration of Authorization for Minor's License DL-163.pdf
Voluntary Surrender of License / ID Card DL-174.pdf
Application for Copy of Driver Record DR-1.pdf
Certified Abstract of Operating Record DR-36.pdf