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TxDPS Forms

Forms List

 Form Title  Form  Number
Photo Holder CHL-6.pdf
Class Completion CHL-8.pdf
License To Carry A Handgun Laws CHL-16.pdf
Notice - Non-Immigrant - Visa CHL-40.pdf
License to Carry a Handgun Change of Address/Name Change/Replacement/Modification CHL-70.pdf
Judge/Prosecutor License Replacement Form CHL-71.pdf
Renewal Application for License to Carry a Handgun CHL-77.pdf
Application for License to Carry a Handgun CHL-78A.pdf
Residence History Information CHL-78B.pdf
Criminal History Information CHL-78C.pdf
Suspension Affidavit CHL-81.pdf
Suspension Affidavit - Instructions CHL-82.pdf
Authorization for Release of Records CHL-85.pdf
Knowledge of Laws Affidavit CHL-86.pdf
Revocation Affidavit CHL-88.pdf
Revocation Affidavit - Instructions CHL-89.pdf
Instructor Applicants Only CHL-90.pdf
Certificate of Training CHL-100.pdf