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TxDPS Forms

Forms List

Form List
Form TitleForm Number
Laboratory Accreditation Application Form LAB-05.docx
Laboratory Accreditation Application Form LAB-05.pdf
Laboratory Submission Form LAB-06.doc
Laboratory Submission LAB-06.pdf
Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Certification LAB-06A.pdf
Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Certification LAB-06A.doc
Toxicology/Blood Alcohol Kit Laboratory Submission LAB-12.doc
Blood Kit Instructions LAB-12B.doc
Kit Lab Service Area LAB-12SA.doc
Urine Kit Instructions LAB-12U.doc
Narcotics Service Canine Evidence Transfer LAB-16.doc
Gunshot Residue Kit Information Form LAB-17.doc
Gunshot Residue Kit Information Form LAB-17.pdf
Instructions for Collecting Gunshot Residue Kit LAB-17A.pdf
Digital Multimedia Evidence Information LAB-23.doc
Texas Breath Alcohol Testing Program Operator Manual LAB-BR-38.pdf
CODIS Buccal Swab Collection Kit Order Form LAB-CO-09.pdf
Lab Application Form LAB-CO-40.pdf
Sexual Assault Kit-Not Reported Laboratory Submission Form LAB-NRSA-01.doc
List of Services Provided for Sexual Assault Examination LAB-NRSA-02.doc
Consent for Release of Sexual Assault Evidence LAB-NRSA-03.doc
External Testimony Evaluation LAB-QA-12.doc
External Testimony Evaluation LAB-QA-12.pdf
Customer Survey LAB-QA-23.pdf
Customer Survey LAB-QA-23.doc