This is your Teacher

The Course for Motorcycle Riders

In The Course for Motorcycle Riders, you ride. You don't just talk about it.

It's challenging.

It's fun.

It can even save you money on insurance rates.

And your only homework assignment is to make it home safely.


There's no substitute for a good teacher.
The instructors we choose know their stuff. And they make sure you do, too.  They help you develop advanced riding skills you can't learn from family members or friends.

They come from various backgrounds, but they all have three things in common: They're professionally trained. They've been riding for years. And they want to see others enjoy the sport--and live to spread the word.

The Course is taught at two levels. There's a basic class for new riders and an advanced class for experienced riders. That way new riders don't feel intimidated by experienced riders. And experienced riders don't have to wait for beginners to catch up. Either class can be completed in one weekend or over the course of a few evenings. Choose the one that's right for you.

Think of it as Motorcycling 101.
Sign up for the basic course if you haven't had much riding experience or if you've never ridden at all. The Course is required for everyone to get a motorcycle driver's license.

In the basic course, we teach you how to operate a motorcycle, the best protective clothing to wear, how to avoid dangerous situations and, what's most important, how to get out of those dangerous situations you can't avoid.

You learn to make your motorcycle perform like an extension of yourself. And by the end of The Course, we'll be challenging your skills at the two-year rider level.  The  best part is you don't even need a helmet or a motorcycle. We provide them for you.

Motorcycling at the graduate level.
The advanced course is for experienced riders only.  You work with other riders like yourself. And since advanced students use their own motorcycles, you'll see all types of bikes, from cruisers to sport bikes to touring machines.

No matter how long you've been riding, the advanced course is tough enough to challenge your skills. You learn high-speed maneuvering, quick swerving and avoidance techniques, countersteering, traction control, and emergency braking for curves and slippery surfaces. Skills you can use whether you're touring cross-country or just riding down to the corner store.

Register today
Become a better rider and have fun at the same time.  Visit our home page and search by city under "TRAINING LOCATIONS" to sign up for The Course today.  In Texas, the thrills begin with skill.