Private Security Bureau

Update Record of Employment (Employee Information Update – EIU) Information

Pursuant to Texas Occupations Code §1702.167 and §1702.234: A registrant may transfer his or her registration from one employer to another employer within 14 days after the date the registrant begins the new employment

EIU Requirements:

Registration must be active, renewable or pending

If an individual holds any of the following registration types and are employed by another company, an EIU cannot be submitted. The registrant must complete and submit a new application for these registration types with the employing company.

To submit an EIU

Please note that the submission of an EIU does not renew the registration.  It merely adds the new employer to the Individual's Registration record.

If the registration has been expired for less than one year, go online and submit a renewal application.

If the registration has been expired for more than one year, the record may not be updated or renewed. Submit an original application online at TOPS

A new pocket card will not be issued with an EIU. If a new pocket card is needed please submit a duplicate pocket card request with the correct fee.