Texas Rangers Cold Case Investigation Details


Bernard Wilson
Company: C   Reference Number: 35 - Solved
Race: Black
Sex: Male
City: Lubbock
County: Lubbock
Related Year: 2005

Details: On 04-21-2005, several suspects attempted to commit a robbery at a Whataburger restaurant in Lubbock, Texas.  The suspects identified 17 year old Bernard Wilson as a weak link in the group.  The suspects bound and stabbed Bernard and dumped Bernard's body in a ravine in eastern Lubbock County.  On 12-29-2005, Bernard's skeletal remains were discovered in the ravine and his remains were unidentified.  On 12-19-2007, Bernard's father recognized a two-dimensional sketch released by the Texas Ranger's Forensic Artist.  Family DNA reference samples confirmed Bernard's identity.  On 03-05-2008, the murder scene was located and processed.  On 04-07-2008, arrest warrants were issued for six suspects.  All six suspects pled guilty.

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