Texas Rangers Cold Case Investigation Details


Andrea Traux
Company: F   Reference Number: 59 - Solved
Race: White
Sex: Female
City: Natalia
County: Medina
Related Year: 1994

Details: In 2008, the Texas Rangers began investigating the unexplained disappearance of Andrea Traux and Raymond Morales, who disappeared from San Antonio, Texas around 04-23-1994.  Information was provided to law enforcement which indicated the victims had been murdered on a small ranch in rural Medina County near Natalia, Texas.  The investigation identified two actors and two additional co-conspirators who were arrested and charged with Capital Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder.  The investigation was completed in 2011 when one of the main actors received a 20 year sentence in exchange for his testimony.  The other received a life sentence after being found guilty during trial.

Anyone with information is asked to submit a tip thru the Texas Rangers’ Cold Case website
or contact us at the Missing Persons Watts Line: 1-800-346-3243 .


Raymond Morales