Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Rev 10/11/13

   1. What type of Private Security license do I need?
  • Class A – Private Investigation Company (Private Investigation services)
  • Class B – Security Contractor License (Alarms Systems, including camera/closed circuit television systems (selling, installing and monitoring)).
  • Class B – Security Contractor License (Guard services, including armed and unarmed guards)
  • Class B – Security Contractor License (Armored Car or Courier Service)
  • Class B – Security Contractor License (Locksmith services)
  • Class C – Combination of Private Investigation & Security Contractor
  • Class D – Electronic Access Control Device Company (note: Class B Combination of Electronic Access Control Device & Security Contractor)
  • Class T – Telematic Company

   2. How can I get information on starting my own company?

   3. What are some ways that I can submit my Company or Individual application to your office?

   4. What online services are provided by Private Security Bureau?
  • Company license – you can apply for an original license or renew your license.
  • Individual license – you can apply for an original or renew your license.
  • Employee Information Update (EIU) – you can update a license registration when an individual has changed employers, however this will not create a new pocket card.

   5. How long does it take to get my license?
  • Individual license: 4-6 weeks (Note: time varies due to the following reasons: incomplete application, missing fingerprint cards, inappropriate fees submitted or missing training certificate)
  • Company license: 6-8 weeks (Note: time varies due to the following reasons: incomplete application, missing documents, missing fingerprints, inappropriate fees submitted)

   6. How often does my license expire?
  • A Company license expires every year on the last date of the expiration month.
  • An Individual license expires every (2) years from the date of issuance.
  • Note: A Branch Office license expires on the same date as the Parent Company license.
  • A Personal Protection Officer license expires on the same date as a Commissioned Security Officer license.

   7. How do I check the status of my Company application or Individual application?

Please visit our website at Look for the header called “Searches” for Company “Search Company and for Individual “Search Individual”.

   8. How do I get the experience required to be a private investigator?

The most common way to get the experience is to go to work for a licensed private investigations company. They will register you with the Private Security Bureau as their employee. After you have worked for a licensed company as their registered employee, you can meet the experience requirement. Legally obtained experience could also include full-time, paid employment as a peace officer or in the case of a private investigator insurance adjuster. The only education that is acceptable instead of the experience requirement is a four-year degree in Criminal Justice from an accredited college or university.

   9. Do I need to be employed by a licensed security company in order to apply for an original application or renew my current license registration?

Yes, you must be employed by a licensed private security company before you can receive your license registration.

   10. I tried to renew my Company license online, but the system would not let me…why?
  • A Company license renewal may not be processed online more than 60 days prior to the date of expiration.
  • If you are within the renewal period and experience problems, please contact the Licensing Section at (512) 424-7710.

   11. How do I process a renewal registration that has expired?
  • If the registration has been expired for less than one year and the individual has changed employers, the new employer must submit the following: form PSB-14 (PDF) (Employee Information Update), the $17.00 update fee, form PSB-17 (PDF) (Individual Renewal), the renewal fee, late fee and subscription fee.
  • Note: If the registration has been expired more than 6 months, the current employer must also submit 2 fingerprint cards and the $25.00 FBI fee.
  • If the registration has been expired for more than one year, the current employer must submit an original application, 2 fingerprint cards, the registration fee, the FBI fee and the subscription fee.

   12. Can I get a refund?

In accordance with the Texas Administrative Code 37 TAC 35, Section 35.70 and as printed on our application submitted to the Bureau “Fees submitted to The Private Security Bureau are non-refundable or transferable”.

   13. Can I change an application/license from one registration type to another (i.e noncommissioned security officer to a commissioned security officer)?

No. A new application must be submitted for the new registration type plus you must submit the appropriate fees.

   14. Currently, I hold a licensed registration that has not expired and I am seeking other employment. Do I need to complete an original application for the same license registration type? (i.e. current registration locksmith and applied as a locksmith for a different private security licensed company)
  • The license registration (pocket card) initially issued to you is a transferable card. Note: the new employer does not need to submit an original application.
  • However, the new employer must complete and submit form PSB-14 (PDF) (Employee Information Update).

   15. How can I get a duplicate pocket card/license?

Please complete and submit form PSB-37 (PDF) (Request for Duplicate License) along with the $10.00 statutory fee.

   16. How can I terminate an employee from my Company?
  • To terminate an employee from a company, please submit PSB-19B (PDF) (Notification of Termination for Employee Registration). However, please keep records of all terminations in your company files for inspection.
  • The Licensing Section will process form PSB-19A (PDF) (Notification of Termination for Owners, Corporate, Officers, Partners, Shareholders, Managers and Supervisors) as stated on this form.

    (Note: A notification for termination merely states an employee was terminated by the current employer however a termination does not remove the individual from the company employee list.)

   17. My company insurance is suspended; can I pay my reinstatement fee online?

No. The reinstatement fee must be mailed to the appropriate address. See form PSB-24 (PDF) (Application for Reinstatement of Company License).

   18. What does GSL-Lock mean and who do I need to contact to take care of this matter?

GSL-Lock means Government Student Loan and in order to clear up this matter, you will need to contact the Texas Government Student Loan Corporation at 1(800) 222-6297 or (512) 219-7337.

   19. How do I file a complaint (against an employer or contractor)?

Please complete and submit form PSB-22 (PDF) (Complaint Form) and fax to (512) 424-7729 or mail it to P O Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773. You can also obtain this form from our website at

   20. How do I get copies of my paperwork, certificates, file, etc.?

Please submit a detailed request in writing to the Open Records Coordinator and fax this information to (512) 424-7221 or mail to Texas Department of Public Safety, PO Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773.

   21. How do I challenge the criminal history record contained in a Texas Record?

Please visit Criminal History Error Resolution for the procedures to challenge the criminal history record contained in a Texas Record.

   22. How do I challenge the criminal history record contained in an FBI Record?

Please visit Challenge of a Criminal Record for the procedures to challenge the criminal history record contained in an FBI Record.

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