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Individual Search

In order to find the most accurate search results, it maybe necessary to specify multiple search criteria. This means adding additional terms in the search boxes below. For example, suppose a search for 'Yorke' in the Last Name field returns too many results. You can additionally specify the registration number, first name, social security, date of birth, state, zip and license type to narrow the search results. In contrast, suppose a search for 'Yorke' returns no results. You can expand your search by just searching for 'York'. Limiting the search phrase may increase your search results.

Registration Number
Ex: xxxxxx *(6 digits) Enter “0” If pocket card displays only 5 digits  
Social Security Number  
Ex: xxx-xx-xxxx
Last Name
Ex: Yorke
First Name
Ex: Thom
Date of Birth
Ex: 11/14/1968 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Ex: TX
Ex: 78758